6:28:15, February 6, 2036.

At that time, the 4,294,967,295 seconds limit of the digital standard clock engraved inside every computer in the world from the year 1900 overflowed and led to a disastrous situation where every defense and attack system malfunctioned.

Like God’s hammer, the roar of the military satellites that rained down to the earth annihilated major cities around the world in the blink of an eye.

New York, London, Shanghai, Moscow, and then Shinjuku. The dawn after such a large-scale disaster was called the “Sad Morning.”

Is this really humanity’s judgment? If that’s the case, who is this person to judge?

Or is this no more than just a prelude to further disaster?

During this indication of unrest, the curtain is raised on the story of Anonymous;Code. The setting is Nakano, Tokyo, the year 2037.

“—Hack God.”

* Save & Load - The protagonist Pollon possesses an ability called “Save & Load.” If you Save beforehand, you can Load back to the point prior to making a mistake hacking, pissing someone off, dying, and so on. This ability is described as different from time travel or time leaping. What’s different exactly, is that “Save & Load” is rewinding on a universal scale, so time paradoxes don’t occur. This is time travel on the same “time loop,” which makes a big difference on the story
* Hacking Trigger - Allows the player to become a god in a sense, deciding what the main character will do, arbitrarily posing the Load and Save options to the main character. Even if the player uses the Hacking Trigger and poses the Load option to Pollon, it doesn’t mean he will do it, it’s up to Pollon’s judgment. If the player maliciously poses the Load option, it could lead to a bad ending, messing up the timing, or even result in a Game Over brought on by the death of the main characters. Additionally there is an “Auto Save” feature in both the game and in Pollon’s world. The system screen for the actual game and in-game are the same, and that is a key feature of the title. There is also the “Load Count” feature that counts how many times Pollon Loads, as well as how many times the player loads, which may affect the story in some way
* Character Animation - The character animations use an “e-mote” system, 2D illustrations that move according to the selected e-mote

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