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Demon’s Tier+ [Limited Edition]

Demon's Tier+ is a dungeon-RPG roguelike with arcade and adventure elements. Enter the dungeons of King Thosgar and destroy his demonic minions! Combining the best elements from Xenon Valkyrie+ and Riddled Corpses EX, this is the latest game in the Diabolical Mind trilogy! Thosgar, a hated king attracted by demonic rituals, turned into a dark and diabolical being... destroying almost all of humanity and flooding the world with monsters. This story became a legend and peace returned to the land. Thousand years later, a mysterious pit appears in a village after a huge earthquake where an evil aura emanates from... Will you be the hero to save this world? Visit Website | Demon’s Tier+ [Limited Edition]

Together! The Battle Cats

The popular Battle Cats series is back and updated for Nintendo Switch! With its easy-to-use battle system, it is recommended for men and women of all ages. Additionally, if you play with two players, you can enjoy the game with twice the meow! Play with your kid, a friend, a significant other, or even a stranger! So round up your creepy-cute cat army… and head into battle! * Over 350 Creepy-Cute Cat Characters - Train and strengthen the cats you get through gacha. By playing through the game, you wll receive Cat Coins and Tickets that can be used to play gacha * More Stages - In addition to the Japan-set "Japan Chapter", the world-set "Future Chapter", and the space-invading "Space Chapter", a "Legend Story" where you journey to find legendary cats is also included. There will also be daily special stages and all sorts of other things to do Visit Website | Together! The Battle Cats

The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki

To commemorate the 10th anniversaries of Trails series’ Crossbell Arc, The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki and The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki released in 2010 and 2011 have been remastered in high-definition with Full Voice Main Story, High-Speed Skip Mode, 60 FPS Support / High Image & Sound Quality, and Various UI Adjustments will be released for PlayStation 4. * Fully-Voiced Main Story * High-Speed Skip Mode - Two times faster for events and on the field, and four times faster in battle for a more comfortable gameplay experience * 60 FPS / High Image & Sound Quality * Various UI Adjustments Visit Website | The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki

EMMA: Lost in Memories [Limited Edition]

Poetic, surrealistic and melancholic, EMMA: Lost in Memories offers a unique experience in a strange and dangerous world where walls fade away as you touch them. The main character, Emma, is young, vibrant and intriguing: she leaves her home following an owl, and soon loses herself in a world which she slowly finds more and more dangerous. * Fast and simple gameplay mechanics * Special abilities, including jump, dash and climb * Minimalistic 2D artistic style completely drawn by hand * Dynamic gameplay in a poetic and eccentric world * Two game modes: Main Story and Memory Chest Visit Website | EMMA: Lost in Memories

The Fox Awaits Me (Multi-Language)

If you look well, he's in the bamboo grove... Why is he here? Memories are vanishing, Before your eyes, a wonderful figure appears, she's a girl with fox ears... Seems she knows you. When you start to talk with her, memories of peace are getting back. So let's start a journey into memories with the girl with fox ears. Visit Website | The Fox Awaits Me