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Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes [Limited Edition]

A classic reborn! Casual, turn-based strategy in a land of fantastical creatures and deadly machines! In the aftermath of a great flood, a vengeful leader threatens to conquer the world with the aid of a once lost technology, and only a small but determined army stands in their path. Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes is the definitive release of the 2009 turn-based strategy classic, Mecho Wars. Fully remastered in high definition, it features new hand painted art, new visual effects, an expanded single-player campaign and six previously unreleased multiplayer maps. Features an easy to learn turn-based combat system, balancing air, sea and land units. Further, customize your play with perks unlocked by completing challenges and compete with others locally or online. * Easy to learn turn-based strategy game * Distinctive, hand painted art style * Various game modes, including single-player campaign and multiplayer battles * Unlock new items and other perks to customize your play Buy M

Promo Back To School KLIKnKLIK

Sebentar lagi masuk sekolah, lengkapi kebutuhan belajar anak bersama kliknklik. Tak usah khawatir dengan harga mahal, bulan ini kliknklik mengadakan Promo Back to School, khusus untuk para orang tua yang ingin memenuhi kebutuhan bersekolah kembali putra putrinya. Dapatkan penawaran eksklusif pada promo ini, dari potongan harga, bayar menggunakan metode kredit dengan DP rendah, dan syarat yang mudah. Stok terbatas! Jangan sampai kehabisan.. >>>Visit Store 1. Promo ini berlangsung 15 - 22 Juli 2019. 2. Promo hanya berlaku untuk produk yang terdapat pada Promo Page Back to School. 3. Promo ini tidak dapat digabungkan dengan promo lainnya. 4. Pembelian dan pemesanan produk promo hanya melalui situs dan jumlah produk promo sangat terbatas. 5. 1 akun pelanggan hanya dapat membeli dengan jumlah maksimum 1 produk per item. 6. Pihak xxxx berhak membatalkan pesanan yang tidak memenuhi ketentuan yang berlaku. 7. Harga dapat berubah sewaktu � waktu. 8. Tidak berlaku

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays [English Cover] (Multi-Language)

Gather your favorite characters and Mobile Suits from various Mobile Suit Gundam series to train, develop, and form groups! Create your very own team through this unique game system and experience the stories of various Gundam series through this Gundam simulation game. SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is the latest work in the G Generation series which saw its 20th anniversary in 2018. * The latest work, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays from the G Generation series * Cross Rays has more units, among many other improvements and upgrades * Features characters and Mobile Suits from the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans series Buy SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays [English Cover] (Multi-Language)

Conga Master Go! [Limited Edition]

The dance floor fills, the line gets longer… come on down, it's time to conga! Shake your virtual hips to the ridiculously fun arcade action of Conga Master as everyone fights to make the longest conga line possible. No rhythm required – anyone can conga! Playing Conga Master couldn't be easier: guide your dancer across the floor, dancing round people to add them to your line as you go. Longer congas let you add people faster, but watch out for pigs stinking up your line! Play solo or, even better, drag a friend onto the dance floor for some local multiplayer conga madness and see who'll become the true Conga Master! * No rhythm? No problem! With just two buttons, you too can become a Conga Master. Just move across the dance floor and convince other dancers to join your line... the longer, the better! * Seven different local multiplayer modes, each with their own special flavour of fun – slice your rivals' congas to ribbons, pop pigs, fight over a lone conga

Into the Kill Zone by David Klinger

A Cop's Eye View of Deadly Force What's it like to have the legal sanction to shoot and kill? This compelling and often startling book answers this, and many other questions about the oft-times violent world inhabited by our nation's police officers. Written by a cop-turned university professor who interviewed scores of officers who have shot people in the course of their duties, Into the Kill Zone presents firsthand accounts of the role that deadly force plays in American police work. This brilliantly written book tells how novice officers are trained to think about and use the power they have over life and death, explains how cops live with the awesome responsibility that comes from the barrels of their guns, reports how officers often hold their fire when they clearly could have shot, presents hair-raising accounts of what it's like to be involved in shoot-outs, and details how shooting someone affects officers who pull the trigger. From academy training to post

Urban Icon (ID) Offers

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