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Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 5.5 to 08

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 5.5 Three months have passed since Arisaka Shiori started working at Mihama Academy. She did her best to adapt to her unusual position as a teacher at the 'school of assassins' and somehow managed to gain the trust of her students. However, However, Haruto's evaluation of her was rather pragmatic. "She's, uh, unusually modest, and a bit clumsy. But she's sincere, and she tries her best at everything she does... I think she makes a great teacher, but that alone isn't going to keep her at Mihama." Arisaka, who was summoned by the principal based on her initial terms of employment, is asked whether or not she intends on continuing to teach. "Let's get down to business - do you want to keep your job?" "Can I ask you a question too? Am I... needed at this school?" Arisaka begins to talk about her horrific past. It's almost time for her to make her decision... Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 06 It's the day t