Intrigue Duo by Aimée Thurlo

Twilight Warrior

The past can never be left behind, as Detective Travis Blacksheep has learnt. His past brought him back to his ancestral traditions. But now the woman he couldn't forget was asking for help.

Laura Perry was trying to catch a serial killer using herself as bait. Without Travis protecting her, she'd be an easy target. But keeping Laura alive was easier than keeping his hands off her

Solid As Steele

P.I. Mack Steele had loved Jamie Shepherd from the moment he'd met her but she'd always been off-limits. Until her frantic phone call in the dead of night

Jamie's disturbing dreams were too real, a trapped woman needed her help. Coaxed back to her hometown, Jamie had only Mack, her dark and sexy protector to save her from her dreams and from the very real killer who'd lured her into his game.

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