Excel Basics to Blackbelt (2nd ed.) by Elliot Bendoly

An Accelerated Guide to Decision Support Designs

This second edition of Excel Basics to Blackbelt capitalizes on the success of the first edition and leverages some of the advancements in visualization, data analysis, and sharing capabilities that have emerged over the past five years. As with the original text, the second edition is intended to serve as an accelerated guide to decision support designs for consultants and service professionals. This 'fast track' enables a ramping up of skills in Excel for those who may have never used it to reach a level of mastery that will allow them to integrate Excel with widely available associated applications, make use of intelligent data visualization and analysis techniques, automate activity through basic VBA designs, and develop easy-to-use interfaces for customizing use. In other words, this book provides users with lessons and examples on integrative Excel use that are not available from alternative texts.

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