amazin'graze Spicy Mala Nut Mix

Introduction of our newest and hottest flavour: Spicy Mala ut Mix - We'll be giving out free pack(s) of EXTRA Spicy Mala Nut Mix with 3 of our bundles: Spicy Twin Pack, Spicy Party Party Pack, Spicy Kampung Pack

Spicy Mala Twin Pack (1+1) Value: RM26.80 Sale Price: RM24.90 Discount: 7% off
Spicy Mala Party Pack (3+1) Value: RM52.60 Sale Price: RM38.70 Discount: 26% off
Spicy Mala Kampung Pack (5+2) Value: RM92.30 Sale Price: RM64.50 Discount: 30% off

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